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„Bezpieczny Dom (Safe House)” Association

With great pleasure we would like inform that the law office provides legal guardianship of the activities carried out by „Bezpieczny Dom” Association in Kielce, a social organization of professionals from various fields, founded at the initiative of and run by Mrs. Anita Majkowska, engaged in providing charitable assistance to persons in need of psychological, educational and legal assistant. Cooperation with the Association involves conducting weekly duties for those in difficult life situations, cannot afford legal representation and would be interested in obtaining free legal advice.

We are really grateful that we can cooperate in implementation of great ideas, the key goal of the Association’s activities – bringing unselfish help to those in need of support.

„Dom Seniora im. Sue Ryder” Foundation in Pierzchnica (Sue Ryder Senior Citizen Care Home Foundation)

The law office has for several years also cooperated with the „Dom Seniora im. Sue Ryder” Foundation in Pierzchnica. The Foundation as a public benefit organization dynamically acting on behalf of the local community and constantly growing, it can be a model for other such entities

Other social activities

The law office, and in particular lawyer Stanisław Szufel, has for many years supported and patronized Care for the Blind Association in Laski and „AMUN” (The Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists Publishing House Ltd.) in Racibórz.

The members of the law office are actively involved in charitable activities and providing assistance to individuals and organizations in need of support.

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