Scope of practice

The law office provides legal services to entrepreneurs, social organizations, government entities and individual clients as well.

In the awareness of permeation of the various branches of law, our assumption is that a broad spectrum of activities allows us to provide comprehensive legal assistance in the various aspects of legal transactions. In providing professional legal representation, we vigorously represent our clients’ interests before the courts and authorities of all instances. Guided solely by the customer’s good, we also negotiate amicable termination of disputes under the most favorable of conditions. In addition, we offer expert advice – both in on-going issues and as part of long-term cooperation.

Often the best way to end disputes is through conciliatory, out of court settlement. To meet the expectations of customers, while being aware of the growing importance of arbitration and mediation in both civil and criminal court proceedings, the law office provides legal assistance also in amicable resolution of disputes.

The law office deals with provision of legal services in the creation (including preparation of statute for foundations and associations), registration (entry and modification of data in KRS (National Court Register)) and ongoing legal support of foundations and associations. Our practice in this area includes legal assistance related to acquisition of the status of public benefit organizations by non-governmental organizations, and supporting such entities in carrying out public benefit activities.

We also help our customers in matters of entry of data into the National Court Register, including: registration and making changes to entries concerning the entities appearing in the National Court Register, taking actions aimed at deletion of a particular entity from the registry, and others. Out-of-court services actions by the office in this area also cover examining the content of entries in the National Court needed to conduct other proceedings.

The Law Office deals with both out-of-court activities (examination of the contents of land and mortgage register, providing ongoing legal advice, preparing of legal opinions) and operations relating strictly to judicial Land and Mortgage Register proceedings (establishment of land and mortgage registers, preparation of applications for entry into or cancellation of rights or claims in the land and mortgage register), as well as proceedings related to maintaining of land and mortgage registers (e.g. comparing of the content of the land and mortgage register with the actual legal status).

In administrative matters, the law office provides legal assistance both during administrative proceedings (before public administration authorities), administrative court (before regional administrative courts and the Supreme Administrative Court) as well as enforcement proceedings in administration. The range of services includes, in particular, representation of clients at various stages of proceedings, preparation of judicial remedies, drafting of legal opinions and providing legal advice.

As part of broadly understood civil law, the law office, in particular, deals with issues of damages and compensation (we take part both in cases of violation of personal rights as well as other compensatory cases – traffic accidents, personal injury or damage to property, etc.), issues related to right in rem law (protection of property, joint ownership, protection of ownership, ownership of premises, delimitation, acquisition of property by prescription or enfranchisement, easements, issues related to land registry), media law and drafting and reviewing agreements. In this regard, we provide legal advice, prepare legal opinions and represent clients before the courts of all instances.

The activities of the law office in economic law centers around comprehensive legal services for business entities – both commercial companies (capital and personal) as well as entrepreneurs engaged in self employment. In this regard, we are engaged in drafting as well as reviewing agreements, drafting of legal opinions, representing clients before courts and administrative authorities of all instances. As far as judicial proceedings of an economic nature, we specialize, in particular, on issues relating to liability of company directors and entrepreneurs resulting from the liabilities of their economic activities.

In criminal matters, we represent clients in all types of cases (criminal, criminal tax, misdemeanor and fiscal offenses), both in the preparatory as well as jurisdictional proceedings, by courts of all instances as well as in the enforcement proceedings. The law office also provides legal assistance in areas covering economical criminal law – the area of criminal law, whose significance has over the years been in the rise in line with economic growth. The office’s lawyers act both as legal defenders as well as representatives of victims, auxiliary prosecutors and private prosecutors. The experience of lawyer Stanisław Szufel, a lead lawyer in numerous media processes, guarantees proper performance of entrusted responsibilities.

Activities of the office in the area of labor law involves both carrying out comprehensive legal services of business entities and institutions as well as providing ongoing legal assistance to individual clients. Drafting and reviewing of employment agreements, non-competition agreements, termination agreements, preparation of legal opinions on issues of employees as well as appearing in court disputes, including in cases of bullying and discrimination in employment, constitute one of a number of ranges of services rendered.

The nature of issues connected with family law requires special care from the attorney, sensitivity and ability to reconcile often diametrically different positions of the parties to the conflict. Guided by these principles, we provide legal assistance, among others, in cases of divorce, separation and annulment of marriage, maintenance obligation (on order to pay maintenance, on raising or lowering maintenance payments, determination of expiry of maintenance obligation), establishment of contacts between parents and children, parental responsibility, division of joint property, abolition of matrimonial co-ownership and others.

Issues related to inheritance law dealt with by the law office include, in particular, taking part in proceedings regarding the confirmation of coming into an inheritance, division of inheritance, as well as legitim.

The law office deals with both giving opinions on issues of bankruptcy and restructuring law, as well as the taking part, on behalf of clients, in all stages of bankruptcy procedure (bankruptcy of entrepreneurs and consumer bankruptcy) and in restructuring proceedings. Due to the possession of trustee license by lawyer Agnieszka Szufel-Figurska, the Office also conducts specialized consultation on the restructuring and legal rehabilitation of economic entities.

The activities of the office include a wide range of activities undertaken both at the stage of out-of-court debt recovery, including preparation and issuing of opinions on the contents of out-of-court agreements between the creditor and the debtor on voluntary repayment of debt claims as well as taking part in court proceeding and enforcement. It has to be kept in mind that any success of an out-of-court recovery of cash benefits as well as effectiveness of enforcement actions, to a large extent, depends on the initiative of the creditor and the experience and commitment of his legal representative. We also provide assistance in drafting and supporting, before the courts, of actions meant to prevent enforcement.

In the field of protection of intellectual property, the law office mainly deals with consultancy relating to unfair competition, television and radio production, preparation, analysis and reviewing of draft license agreements, agreements on the creation of a work or transfer of property rights to the work and other transactions, consultancy in acquisition, marketing and use of intellectual property, as well as comprehensive consultancy for authors, artists and performers. In field, the office tubs from the rich experience of lawyer Agnieszka Szufel-Figurska gained in providing legal services to leading cultural institutions in the region.

In the area of public procurement, the law office deals with provision of legal assistance to both the principals and the contractors, both private as well as public entities. As part of the rendered services, we review general specifications of the contract conditions, participate in public procurement procedure, represent clients in appeal proceedings, prepare legal opinions. The law office is also involved in preparing and reviewing of regulations for procurements whose value is below that stipulated by the Public Procurement Law.

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